Origin Research Trust was founded to strengthen for-purpose organisations by offering strategies and tools that can evaluate and enhance their operational capacity to improve the positive impacts being made.


Through tailored research and evaluation services we strengthen the ability of for-purpose organisations to better serve communities.

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Lucy Taua'i
BA, BBS (Hons)
Founder and Researcher
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BMS (Hons), Dip Fin
Founder and Researcher

Lucy and Natalie, founded Origin Research Trust as they share the same passion - to make a positive difference and recognise the amazing work being done in the not-for-profit sector to help communities in need.


With a combined 25 years of commercial research experience (Nat has 15 years, Lucy has 10), starting Origin Research Trust is our way of helping communities, using the skills and experience we have gained. After talking to many people working in the not-for-profit sector, who wanted research as proof for funders or part of an application, we recognised a need for quality and accessible research.

Origin Research Trust helps not-for-profits develop the planning and purpose behind their research, so that the data can meet a purposeful and actionable need.

Lucy has a BA, English, and a BBS, Marketing (hons) and Nat has BMS, Marketing and Psychology (Hons) and a Dip Fin. We are both constantly learning and developing further, and completed NZSSN training in programme evaluation, and frequently attend AES and ANZEA workshops. This year we are both enrolled in He Papa Tikanga, NZ Certificate in Tikanga, through Te Wānanga o Aotearoa.



​Based in Waikato, New Zealand, Origin Research Trust offer local for-purpose organisations a customised research and evaluation service to suit the needs of your organisation.


Our aim is to empower your organisation by using your existing systems and processes. We are resourceful, accessible and approachable, and can provide you with cost-effective research and measurement tools to improve your outputs and the service you deliver.



Research and evaluation support is completed through the delivery of three key streams of work:



Our Evaluative Inquiry Programme aims to build your own capacity to measure and assess the outcomes your initiatives are achieving.

Legal Research and Writing


Because sometimes full scale or specialised research projects are better completed by someone else. We work with you, so that your research meets a real and practical need in the community that you serve.

Business Team


Our full spectrum of evaluation tools and resources can assist in ensuring outcomes are identified, planned, measured, and achieved.